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1. What was the Project?

The project was to build a tower out of straws, paperclips, paper, and masking tape. The goal of the tower project was to build a tower out of the specified materials, have it be at least 3 feet tall, and have it hold at least 2 pounds.


2. What were the concepts?

There were several concepts that we had to abide by. First there was the time restriction, if we didnt have our tower done in time points were taken off. We also had to worry about the forces of tension, compression, and sheering.


3. What did you create?

We created towers that had to be at least 3 feet high and be able to hold at least 2 pounds. Evey group of 2 or 3 made a tower, one was on time and the rest were late, and none were able to hold 2 pounds.


4. How do these concepts apply to the real world?

We had to follow some real world constraints like budgeting, time and force.

we were not allowed to spend over $75,000, we had only 3 classes to do it in, and we had to recognize and design for the forces of tension compression and sheering.


5. Who worked on it?

As a class, we were put into groups of 2 or three.


6. What did you like about the project?

I liked the fact that this was a hands on project. I always enjoy using my hands and acctually building things. also, i liked the testing portion of the project. It is always interesting to see our designs either succeed or fail, and how we can learn from it.

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