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1. Explain how you have used the Design Process outside of class since the semester began

2. Choose one the projects that we did this semester and explain how it works and how this information is useful in the world outside class.

3. What was the most interesting thing you learned so far from this class? Explain.

4. What do you wish you learned from this class?

5. What do you hope to learn from this class next semester?

Brian George


1. I have used the design process ouside of class while fixing other peoples computers.

When I recieve a computer, I will have the owner tell me exactly what they think is wrong with the computer. Next, I will look on their computer to see if what they think is wrong is acctually wrong. Once i find what is really wrong, i think of all the different ways i could fix it. After assesing the problems and all possible solutions, i am able to pick the best solution for fixing it. I will then go on to acctually fix the computer with the chosen method of repair and put it through several tests to make sure i have in fact fixed the problem. Next i will give the computer back to whoever gave it to me and ask them to send it back if it was not correctly fixed. If there are still problems remaining, i will get the computer back and attempt to fix it again.


2. One of the projects that we did this semester was the locker organizer project. for this project, we relied heavily on the design process. we went through the entire process to come up with our final design for a locker organizer. Next, we had to find out if people would have use for, and acctually buy a locker organizer. for this, each group made a survey that was administered to a random group of people. Then we had to find a way to efficiently get our locker organizers mass produced. i believe that this was the hardest part of the project. Finally, we had our locker organizers 'mass produced' and they were distributed to whoever wanted one. This project really taught me alot about the design process and how you need to follow every step to ensure a worthy product for the consumer.


3. The most interesting thing i learned about in class this semester was about the forces of tension, compression, and sheer. for these concepts we first tested several materials in different ways to put them under the different forces. We also had to build a three foot tower out of straws, paper, and paperclips that would hold at least 2 pounds. the tower project showed me two things about these forces. One is that, when designed right, you can make something that is virtually uneffected by these forces, even out of straws and paperclips. the second thing i learned from this is that if you design something poorly, these forces will figuritively 'own' whatever it is that you have designed, and probably ruin it.


4. from this class pertaining to the past semester, i wish we had learned more about acctually building things. Although we did many projects, only some of them were able to satisfy my hunger for creating things. With regard to the projects that we DID build things, i found myself enjoying these projects much more.


5. In the next semester, i hope to learn about more mechanical things. Next year, i will be going off to college with a major in Mechanical Engineering, and i hope that we will tough upon this subject at some point within the next semester.

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